30 Nov

New tour pictures will be coming up on the Lay Low Facebook page.

We will be putting up new pictures on the Lay Low facebook page from all of the tours of 2010. It has been a great year, played shows in many different places like Australia, Japan, Europe, US and Iceland.

If you have any pictures that you would like to share with us, we would be very happy to see them. You can send them to info@laylow.is or share them on the Lay Low facebook page.

Lovisa has already started working on a new album which will be quite different from previous albums, exciting!

Only one more concert planned in December 2010 which will be held in Selfoss, in the south of Iceland.
Shows are being lined up for 2011 and we will put the show dates up when they have been confirmed.

Have a happy December and be good!

Lovisa in IcelandPetur chatting at the airport in Thailand

Lovisa and Agnes in NYphoto by djonson