11 Apr


Thank you! Great time in Boston, Paris and Reykjavík where I have been playing recently. Thanks everyone who came. Always nice to have people around when you are playing your songs and singing into a sound system.

and here is a new blog post: http://laylowing.blogspot.com/
not been very good keeping my news up to date, but i’m always back from time to time.

I have been very busy writing for the new album and busy recording with the band I’m in Benny Crespo’s Gang. And now I’m going into the studio to start recording the next Lay Low album. Great times ahead!

I will do my best to keep you updated on the website, on the blog, on facebook and twitter. Still trying to get the hang of all these webplaces.

Thank you for all the nice emails and messages I’ve been getting, they make my days!

Here is a video from last Airwaves of us playing at one of my local swimming pools.