14 Jun

Rauðasandur Festival

Lay Low’s friends have started a peaceful and friendly festival in Iceland.

Rauðasandur Festival is a lovely little music and activity festival at Rauðasandur (The Red Sands) in the West Fjords of Iceland focusing on country, blues og folk genres. The concert is held in a disused old barn and guest camp at the farm, bringing their own food and drink.

Lots of other activites are planned (and un-planned) such as yoga on the beach, sandcastle competition, hikes, boat rides, swimming in the sea with seals, bonfire and more.

Tickets are very limited for this extra fun but family friendly event. The organizers welcome all who may enjoy the music and activities in this spectacular landscape and hope to see all treat the nature with respect, leaving no trace behind apart from the the memory of a great atmosphere.

This year Lay Low along with a whole bunch of great artists will take part and have a good time.

Here is their Facebook

and here is the Festival event page

check it out!