11 Jul

Live at Home

I’m delighted to announce that Live at Home is being released in Iceland on 24th July and is now available in my shop.

The whole experience was such a fun way for me to get in touch with all the listeners out there. It also challenged me to go out of my comfort zone and to not take myself too seriously with all those cameras and live streaming going on.

You can buy Live at Home CD/DVD here.

Donna Mo’s Blues – Video
Here is a preview of one of the songs which is from the pre-Lay Low times. I was in a band called Stardust Motel when I wrote this song with my friends and it has followed me ever since.

Thanks again for all the support and great feedback around the Live at Home recordings. Those of you who pre-ordered the album, covers of a song or postcards in March to help fund the project will soon be getting it in the mail. It meant a lot to me to know that there where thousands of people joining us online for that evening. I really hope that I can arrange for this to happen again sometime in the future.

peace & love
– L